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Movie Title : X-Rated - Book Download
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Rating : 1.7
Review : 63

Buyer Review :
what's up Amazon?
First of all I am amazed that Amazon will allow instant videos on here without a preview or review of some type at least. I personally don't think they should be allowed without at least a preview and while I'm at it how about some of the previews that don't get beyond the credits. A brief film view is helpful. I will never purchase an instant video again without one.

Had I been able to preview or read about this film, I never would have purchased it. I am probably not a good one to review this film because it is a comedian. I don't care for modern comidians in general because the only way they can get a laugh is by using the F word constantly. I thought for the price which was only $5.00 that it would be a documentry or personal biography film. I was wrong. I haven't watched but a minute or two and I am removing it from my video library in a few minutes. Perhaps someone will follow up with a favorable review who knows about modern comedians but I can't see myself sitting...
Excellent stand-up comedian
He knows what he's doing! It's a hilarious stand-up, he just brings it on like it's no problem, and it comes very naturally. Something will be offensive to one person and not to another, but overall something in here will offend you. But it's for entertainment purposes, and everything obviously shouldn't be taken very seriously. The comedy itself was well presented, the film was clean, the shots were perfectly set and cut, and the comedian has awesome self-presentation as well. Once again, you will be offended by some of the jokes, there's no give or take on that. But it's all for entertainment, and it was totally hilarious!!! :D

Please not that this is NOT a porno... Most of the people on here want a different type of "X rated" tape, and that's why there are all these bad reviews, just because they're in the wrong section of the site. I think it's kinda unfair to give the movie a bad rating because your frustrated and can't navigate the website's store...
Bad title
If you're looking for erotic pleasures of the flesh, do not look here. This is a badly produced comedian doing stand-up.

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