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Movie Title : Windrider - Exclusive - Book Download
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Rating : 3.3
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Too much "80s" for my taste!
I watched only about 1/3 of it, if that and turned it off. I do not appreciate all the sex scenes - it like they do not know how to make good movies without that or filthy language. I only tried it because I liked Tom Burlinson's acting in "Man From Snowyriver" (1 & 2).
I would have liked to see if his acting stood up to that in this movie but couldn't stomach the other.

Loved the story
Loved the movie, really moving story. Filmography really rocks. I recommend it for family and friend night or for weekends

Worth the watch
This story line has been done over and over, but anyone who loves the surf will appreciate this movie. I was very impressed with Nicole Kidman's acting. It's like she was born to be an actress. This movie is about a windsurfer who gets shaken up, and the people who love him get him back on track. Unlike other movies of this kind, where sometimes the main character wins the competition, or doesn't but is considered a hero anyway (like Karate Kid), there is no ending to this movie. It's like the director was told at the last minute that the movie time had to be shortened, so they just cut the end off - a real injustice to an otherwise fun movie.

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