Where Danger Lives / Tension (Film Noir Double Feature)

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Tension Worth the Price
Having seen both films, the two-for-one dvd isn't the greatest (nor worst) deal imaginable, but if you are a noir fan (which i assume you are, having come this far) you must see "Tension". Yes, you will suffer through the other Robert Mitchum number on here, a somewhat routine girl-murders husband-pins-it-on-lover entry that doesn't really make your pulse race. But you will be rewarded for its banality with "Tension".
Nebbish pharmacist gets pushed around by his delightfully sleazy and manipulative blonde floozy wife who actually picks up tricks while sitting at the pharmacy soda pop counter (god, why don't they have those anymore?) Nebbish pharmacist goes bonkers, like anyone would, but pulls back just in time. Which is good, because somebody when on ahead and did his blast-off for him, leading to all sorts of whodunit complications. Thats' pretty much it, without giving away the story.
The fun in this movie is that everyone can relate to Everyman, Pushed Around and Plain...
Where Danger Lives/Tension (DVD) (Multi-title)

]]>Despite a screenplay by Hitchcock collaborator Charles Bennett and direction by John Farrow (The Big Clock), Where Danger Lives (1950) is a weak film. Robert Mitchum plays a doctor who saves a would-be suicide, then falls for her without noticing she's crazy as a loon, and homicidal to boot. Soon they're on the run, sought by the law and at the mercy of every larcenous character between them and the Mexican border. Despite yeoman work by Mitchum and RKO shadowmaster Nicholas Musuraca, and the too-brief participation of Claude Rains, the film founders on the femme-fatale casting of Howard Hughes discovery Faith Domergue. A more memorably dodgy female complicates everybody's life in Tension (1950), the next-to-last Hollywood film for director John Berry before his blacklisting. This one's played by Audrey Totter--never a major star, but a delicious and definitive late-'40s dame. Her milquetoast husband, pharmacist Richard Basehart, sets up a second identity for himself under which to seek revenge for her numerous infidelities--till the new man he has become makes the acquaintance of neighbor Cyd Charisse. (No, Charisse does not dance, but those awesome legs are nevertheless put to creative use.) Eventually someone is dead, and cops Barry Sullivan and William Conrad enter the picture, contributing their own shades of gray to the noir palette. Another satisfying, little-known film ripe for discovery. --Richard T. Jameson

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  • A corpse behind. A dead end ahead. Woozy Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue are on the run in Where Danger Lives. In Tension, genre icon Audrey Totter is bad to the bone. But milquetoast hubby Richard Basehart may be worse! Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR Age: 085391150282 UPC: 085391150282 Manufacturer No: 115028

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Two Very Different Femmes Fatales: One Crazy & One Pulpy, but Equally Entertaining.
"Where Danger Lives" and "Tension" were both released in 1950 with archetypal femme fatale scenarios. "Where Danger Lives" was made at RKO during Howard Hughes' tenure. It is a more expensive film, with A-list star Robert Mitchum and an upscale femme fatale, while "Tension" was made at MGM with very middle class characters and a middle budget.. "Where Danger Lives" also qualifies as a "fugitive couple" film and "Tension" has a "wrongly accused" subplot, so there are a lot of noir staples packed into these two movies. They are not the most outstanding film noir I've seen but both are strong, enjoyable films, and Faith Domergue's performance in "Where Danger Lives" is a highlight.

The danger in "Where Danger Lives" begins with a gesture of kindness. Dr. Jeff Cameron (Robert Mitchum) happens to be on duty at a hospital when a woman who has attempted suicide is brought in. The handsome doctor saves her life and she invites him to her home on the pretense that she owes him an...
"Nobody pities me!"
Made largely to showcase Howard Hughes' latest inamoratas Faith Domergue, Where Danger Lives starts off a little slow and more than somewhat unintentionally amusing, laying on nice young doctor Robert Mitchum's nice guy credentials with a trowel (he even tells a bedtime story about Elmer the Elephant to a little girl in an iron lung). Things don't immediately improve once he meets Domergue's suicidal femme fatale, but once Claude Rains turns up for his one scene as her `father,' it starts getting better and better and heads straight for near-classic status as they find themselves on the run, Mitch nursing a surprisingly medically accurate serious concussion ("I may talk rationally but my decisions may not make much sense.") and Domergue manifesting some pretty unpleasant symptoms of her own ("Nobody pities me!"]). Of course, we know he must be having problems even before he takes that bump on the head since no-one in possession of a full set of marbles would pass over nurse Maureen...
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