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Movie Title : What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? - Book Download
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The Naked Lady Is Probably A Grandmother Now
Would you rather hear a lecture on sex from a stuffy professorial type or a nude statuesque blonde with a beehive hairdo? Allen Funt, host and creator of TV's "Candid Camera", proves to be a genial tour guide that is America's minefield of the birds and bees. There are any number of amusing stunts on hand here but there are two segments that prove indelible. One concerns interviews with people about interracial relationships. Another is interviews with teenagers about their sexual experiences. I don't know what's sadder the kids' misconceptions or their parents' reactions to what their offspring are saying. I was expecting a dated exercise but Funt's film is timeless because as much as things have changed so little hasn't. This was originally slapped with the "X" rating but today it would be borderline "PG-13". For you ladies out there it's not only female nudity on display. Funt throws you a bone by including a segment involving a nude male artist's model. Look quick for...
Funny and a great male human nature study.
I saw this when is came out in the 70's and it was funny and sexy. I saw a copy in a video rental store in the 90's and watched it again. Granted women today are in better shape but the situations are just as funny as they ever were. Watching us rough, horny men back the truck up when we actually watch our fantasies unfold is just too funny. A great study in human nature at it's truest.

Smile, Your on Candid Camera!
FOR ADULTS ONLY! Originally given a "X" rating. Now Rated "R". Running Time: 85 mins.
We all remember the Candid Camera tv series which has been shown on and off since 1960-2004. It was originally known as "Candid Microphone" in 1948-49, 1951-52. Very popular on television in the 1960's and 1970's.
This show was about a hidden television camera being set up and a practical joke being played on unsuspected real people that walk in by random. For example, a man would walk in to a cafe and sit on the stool to order some soup. Just as he begins to sip the soup with a spoon, the seat begins to lower. Everyone knew who Alan Funt was, the host of "Candid Camera", so when they saw him come out and he says "Smile, Your on Candid Camera", they knew it was a practical joke. They would then see themselves on television at a later date. (This is not in the movie).
They never let a light, simple joke go too far or too long. To end the farce, the person was always told they were...

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