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James Is My Favorite Character!
This video has the best James stories on it. Yep, all of your favorite James stories are on here like No Jokes For James, James Goes Buzz Buzz, James In A Mess, and Old Iron. The only James stories that I liked that isn't on here was James & the Trouble with trees(that is my favorite James stories, even one of my favorite stories). It's to bad the music video "James the Really Splended Engine" wasn't made sooner because that would have been a the icing on the cake to this already great video, but "Don't Judge A Book Be It's Cover" is a great music video.

Anyway, I'd recommend this video if you want to see James at his best=^_^=

James Is The Man!!!
James is my son's favorite engine. Most likely becasue they are both stubborn and bull-headed! Anyway, I strongly recommend this dvd to anyone who loves the Thomas series. As a parent who often watches the shows with my children, the James stories are really some of the most enjoyable. As I stated previously, James hates to follow directions and this usually gets him in trouble; however, James always suffers the consequences of his actions. There's some pretty good lessons taught in these stories for kids of all ages (even me!). The dvd versions are great. No more rewinding VHS tapes over and over! The Thomas Series dvds are one of the best babysitters any parent could ask for. Add to cart now.

James is one of our favorite characters
Thomas has been with my family for almost a decade. We have every oringinal tape and most of the mixes. What I like about the Best of's is that you can watch a whole tape of episodes just about your favorie character. James is one of the most popular engines and it's no suprise this one was released. He has more videos named after him than any other engine besides Thomas. James is often naughty or rude and the other engines and Sir Topham Hat shpw him what it means to be a useful engine. He's often the most boastful engine and sometimes I prefer episodes without him. I think these are great episodes for James fans and you should definetly buy this one.

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