The Trap

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Set against the rugged and beautiful panorama of 19th century British Columbia, this movie is a dramatic adventure of the struggle for survival. Oliver Reed is the French Canadian trapper and Rita Tushingham his young mute wife in an epic tale of one woman's courage and triumph over an unknown,savage land. 106 minutes.

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Movie Category: Movies
Production of: Independent United Distributors
Movie Rating : 4.5
Total Review : 44

Top Buyer Review of The Trap:

Tushingham and Reed are mesmerizing together
Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham turn in topnotch performances in this unforgettable story of adventure and romance in 1849 British Columbia. Reed plays a rugged, brutish fur trapper who purchases a wife to provide companionship and children. Tushingham plays Eve, the unfortunate mute orphan girl sold to the trapper by her conniving foster mother.

The inside joke of the film is that Rita Tushingham, who had made six films prior to this one, is famous for her ability to speak volumes just with her facial expressions and her large woebegone eyes. Therefore the film has her playing the part of a woman who cannot speak, and can *only* convey her thoughts through her eyes and expressions (perhaps she should have brought pencil & paper).

Eve initially rebels against her predicament, and makes it quite clear that having his babies is out of the question. But fighting together against Indians, wild animals, injuries, and brutal weather draws them closer, as they are...
Compelling, Tender Love Story
Lush Canadian scenery spreads as far as the eye can see, and yet this obscure little film manages to convey claustrophobia on the part of a timid mute woman compelled to wed a brutish fur trapper named Jean La Bete, whose last name literally translates into "the Beast". This movie boasts a good script, gorgeous cinematography, fine direction and wonderful acting from its leads, Rita Tushingham as Eve and Oliver Reed as Jean.

Traumatized by an incident involving Indians, possibly rape judging from her terrified reaction to Jean's advances, Eve lives far away from civilization with her new husband, who is a stranger to her. They are strangers to one another. Jean has a fixed idea of what women are good for(having babies), but is forced to reassess his view of Eve when she adamantly refuses to let him touch her. In the wilderness, this silent young woman works a minor miracle: She brings civilization to the forest and tames the beastlike man to whom she is married. As...
One of a kind !
I saw this movie when I was about 10 years old, and I never forgot it... Ten years later, I decided to watch it again, wondering if I'd adore it as much. Well, I loved it ! And this movie stands among my favorites of all time, like the GODFATHER,... For me it is a real classic, so underrated and overlooked (unfortunately) in my view... It's a movie you never forget, and when it ends, I always find myself wanting more - God knows how many times I've watched it ! :-D

The story is great, and most important, the actors are just perfect ! Rita Tushingham's performance is just perfect, without a single word comin' out of her mouth ; Oliver Reed's performance is perfect too, AND combined, just watchin' these two actors is worth the price... I never get tired of them ; they manage to create such a powerful (and yet so simply shown) love story filled with adventures... For me, this movie is really a special and unique cinematic moment. All emotions are felt throughout this movie :...

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