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Movie Title : The Sandbaggers - A Question of Loyalty Set - Fast Download
Category: TV
Production of: BFS Entertainment
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Movie Rating : 5.0
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Every intelligence agency in the world supports its own Special Operations unit comprised of teams of highly trained operatives. Their job is to undertake politically sensitive, dirty and often dangerous assignments. There is no glamour here, just shadowy anonymity and the acceptance that death may come quickly. The Special Operations Unit of the British SIS is nicknamed, "the Sandbaggers". Neil Burnside (Roy Marsden), ex-Sandbagger, dedicated professional and now Director of Operations for SIS, shrewdly leads the unit with decisive ruthlessness. SIS and the Sandbaggers are his life.

Now digitally re-mastered, this highly acclaimed series dramatically sweeps viewers along Westminster's often Machiavellian corridors of power where conflicting political needs can result in questionable decisions, then out into the murky world of espionage where those decisions meet stark reality.


Enough of Ghosts / Decision by Committee /
A Question of Loyalty / It Couldn t Happen Here

Special Features: The Sandbaggers Abbreviations Guide / Memorable Dialogue from the Series

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Top Review of The Sandbaggers - A Question of Loyalty Set:

LOVe, Love this series
LOVe, Love this series. Brilliant entertainment. One can watch the episodes several times to appreciate the nuanced performances in this well cast group of actors.

Five Stars

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