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Movie Title : The Irish R.M. - Series 1 - Fast Download
Category: TV
Production of: BOWLES,PETER
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Movie Rating : 4.6
Total Review : 21

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Peter Bowles (Rumpole of the Bailey, To the Manor Born) stars in this comic drama series about a retired English army officer who becomes a Resident Magistrate in turn-of-the-century West Ireland. Living in a ramshackle country house surrounded by the communityís eccentric inhabitants, Major Sinclair Yeates struggles to apply judicial logic in a country where, in the words of a former Lord Chief Justice, "the inevitable never happens but the improbable frequently does."

This classic PBS Masterpiece Theatre series, shot entirely on location in County Kildare, captures the texture of the lush Irish countryside. Also featuring Beryl Reid (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) and Bryan Murray (Perfect Scoundrels).

The Episodes: Great-Uncle McCarthy, Trinketís Colt, A Misdeal, The Boatís Share, Occasional Licences, "O Love! O Fire!" DVD BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE a "making of" featurette, stories and recipes from Mrs. Cadogan's kitchen, cast filmographies and a profile of writers Somerville and Ross."Things are different in Ireland." So learns Major Sinclair Yeates, "a fine gentleman from England," who resigns from the military to take a post in rural 1897 Ireland as the Resident Magistrate. Peter Bowles, one of PBS's most valuable players (Rumpole of the Bailey, To the Manor Born) stars in the first series of The Irish R.M., six of Masterpiece Theatre's finest hours. Based on the book by Somerville and Ross, The Irish R.M. is a fish-out-of-water comedy. Think Green Acres and Northern Exposure, only, you know, much more classy. Bowles is pitch-perfect as the well-meaning, but initially confounded Yeates, who finds himself presiding over "improbable" cases. Together with his incredibly tolerant wife, Philippa (Doran Godwin), Yeates finds himself at home among (and frequently at the mercy of) a gallery of eccentric characters, including his formidable housekeeper, Mrs. Cadogan (Beryl Reid), his Puckish landlord, Flurry (Bryan Murray), and Flurry's indomitable grandmother, Lady Knox (Faith Brook). As one character remarks, "It's all devilishly funny, no doubt." --Donald Liebenson

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Buyer Review of The Irish R.M. - Series 1:

Absolutely delightful
"The Irish R.M." is surely one of the most delightful shows I have happened across. It relies upon absurdity for humor, instead of the coarseness and crudity that have invaded almost every show on television. However, if you are not able to appreciate British humor...please do not waste your time watching this show. It is utterly delightful, but those who are unaccustomed to British humor may not enjoy it. However, my entire family, from my baby-boomer parents to my 11 year old sister love it, in addition to my college roommate. I really hope that seasons 2 & 3 become available on DVD soon. Peter Bowles is fantastic as the poor R.M., but the audience will probably fall in love with Flurry Knox, the R.M.'s rascally landlord.

A Thoroughly Charming & Delightful British Comedy-Drama
Those who enjoy Peter Bowles' roles in the ever-popular Rumpole of the Bailey and To the Manor Born will surely enjoy his role in this lovely series set in Ireland of the late 19th century. Bowles stars as Major Sinclair Yates, a retired English army officer who accepts a position in Ireland as a Resident Magistrate. His role here is reminiscent of Guthrie Featherstone in the Rumpole series, although Yates is a more multi-dimensional character, and his ineptness is due largely to an unfamiliarity with the customs and ways of life of the Irish.
Major Yates is joined by his fiancee/wife, Philippa, who is extremely tolerant both of life in a foreign country and of the comical predicaments in which the Major finds himself. Then there are the servants at Shrilane, the Yateses' less-than-pristine country home: Mrs. Cadogan is the no-nonsense (albeit highly humourous) housekeeper, whose every sentence is laden with the most elaborate of metaphors; Peter, Mrs. Cadogan's simple-minded...
THE IRISH R.M. has hit the top of my personal charts, and I can't stop re- and re-rewatching each show. With an hysterical story line, a brilliant script, fine directing, and best of all an INCREDIBLE cast, it is a treasure. The stand-out, of course, is Bryan Murray as the irrepressible Flurry Knox. And the question is: where has the film industry been hiding this glorious, brilliant and immesurably talented actor? He is a wonderful foil for veteran Peter Bowles; incredibly funny; and blessed with a never-ending collection of facial expressions that speak as elloquently as a Shakespearean sonnet. An Adonis-leprecaun, he lightly plucks scene after scene from his formidable fellow-actors as easily as if he were blowing dandelion seeds across a summer lawn. The acompanying music score transforms these exchanges into a celebration dance, saluting the wonderful complexities that have made Ireland a country that is the twinkle in the eye of Europe.

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