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Movie Title : The Grass Is Greener - Fast Download
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Top Review of The Grass Is Greener:

Do you like Dundee cake?
I don't even know what Dundee cake is, but I like this movie. Cary Grant as the befuddled, cool, supercilious, angry, calm, loving, clever, wronged, vengeful, forgiving Lord Rhyall does indeed excel. Deborah Kerr as the lady of the house who falls for Robert Mitchum, quite good. Mitchum's not bad at playing the cad. Jean Simmons as the bibulous, gossipy friend Hattie -- priceless.

But the dialogue, the verbal joustings, the rapid-fire wit: a marvel. As it turns out, there's jousting of a non-verbal variety, too. There's a weekend spent fishing. There are mysteries solved. There are lies covered and uncovered. There are knowing glances. There are panicky schemes and "friendly" phone calls. And most of the time, for the happy viewer, there is laughter. And admiration of this very elegant, very witty, funny and serious film.

Sticky Bits of Paper
What a wonderful movie. Who could ask for more, with a cast including Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum? Not to mention a duel, a missing mink coat, mushrooms, British manors and fishing?
A wonderful romance, that shows how fate and middle age can come together and create havoc on the seemingly happy, if not a bit dull, life of a settled English couple, whose large country estate doubles as a tourist atrraction to support itself. (with lots of American tourists who leave apple cores and sticky bits of paper all over the grounds!)
To make ends meet, the wife also happens to run a thriving mushroom growing business in the cellar! (phew that was a long sentence!)
Robert Mitchum is one of these camera toting tourist who "mistakenly" wanders into the private portion of the house, finding Lady Rile and the sparks fly!
It's a charming old-fashioned adult romantic farce, that's not too far fetched.

A Marvelous Movie With Top Talent!
I recently caught this movie on cable and had to add it to my collection. Everyone in this film is brilliant, Deborah Kerr, Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons. While touring a mansion Mitchum's character meets up with Kerr's and sparks fly. Watch how the always suave and debonair Cary Grant catches on to their attraction and how hard he tried to save their marriage. Jean Simmons is hilarious as Kerr's ditzy best friend. A bit soap-opera-ish at times but worth the effort of watching the story unfold. It also beats anything that is out there among the current crop of movies. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore, nor is there anyone this talented in showbiz anymore!

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