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Top Review of The Blue Hotel:

This book has so many twists and turns that you don't want to put it down because you are afraid you will miss something! From the shocking opening, to the last page, you will find yourself fascinated by the diverse characters and the non-stop action.
The descriptions of the settings in the Nebraska winters are so realistic that I was cold reading this in 90 degree weather!
I look forward to reading this author's other books, The Middle Man and Tower Maker.

That which we fear, we bring onto ourselves.......
It's no spoiler to let you know this is a tragic short story. You're signalled from the very beginning, first by the pacing and look of the scenes, and then by the very dialogue from the pivotal character. And I believe that this was intended by the original author, Stephen Crane, that you have a good idea of how the story will end, and the value is in watching and realizing why things happen this way.
This film from the American Short Story series is based on a classic Stephen Crane short story. A Swedish taylor along with a cowboy and a journalist stop over at a hotel in Nebraska during a blizzard. To pass the time, the hotel keeper's son challenges the group to a game of cards. It becomes evident during the game that the taylor is a very fearful person, convinced that the west is like that portrayed in dime novels, populated only by violent men. The combination of his fear and the reactions of the others leads to tragedy, and it's for the viewer to analyze and decide why...
Western tragedy, smaller than life
Short stories already jump off the page, making a movie in the mind. So it's a challenge to take the 28 pages of Stephen Crane's The Blue Hotel and put two minutes per page onto the screen. A young James Keach (brother of Stacy Keach) plays straight man Johnnie Scully to David Warner's paranoid, fickle weirdness as "The Swede". In this mixture of Agatha Christie plot, Western setting, and unreasonably low excitement, director Ján Kadár teases us into thinking we'll be getting Ingmar Bergman. But no, it's just a made-for-TV movie. Western tragedy, smaller than life.

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