The Big Bang Theory - Temporadas 1-6 [DVD] Full Movie

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Movie Title : The Big Bang Theory - Temporadas 1-6 [DVD] - Best Download
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Buyer Review of The Big Bang Theory - Temporadas 1-6 [DVD]:

As you can clearly see my reviewers name is the AUTISTIC WEREWOLF because; yes I have autism. I've come late to experiencing the BIG BANG THEORY because; I do not normally watch network or cable TV. I've pulled my plug and honestly I do not miss TV. However I visit the homes of others who have TV and every now and again I watch. It was on just such an ocassion recently watching TV at my brothers home, that I saw BIG BANG THEORY. I laughed so hard tears came streaming from my eyes. Sheldon is a HOOT. Sheldon's mom is just like my grandmother was nice but a bit of a nutt job. Having autism I identify strongly with Sheldon and people think I am in every way just as clueless.

I'm over 50 years old and my house looks so much like Sheldon's. I am such a geek nerd and have always known it. Heck I am proud to be a brain. I love BIG BANG THEORY because; FINALLY its a show about people like me. Finally here is a show where the main characters are smart, funny and not...
Great show - crappy packaging
My wife and I only recently started catching re-runs of this gem of a show and I decided that a more expedient way of catching up before the seventh season was starting was to purchase this set, which includes all six seasons on blu-ray.

At the time I placed the order I did not realize that this is the UK/Europe region-free version of the show.

Each season is arranged on TWO blu-ray discs, which means the shows are compressed quite a bit more than they are on the North American BD releases (where I believe every season is on 3-4 discs). Also worth noting is that these come with DTS audio, in lieu of HD audio... not that it will make much of a difference for a sitcom. I don't know how much the compression really matters, they look similar to HD broadcast quality to me, with each episode clocking in around 3GB in size. It might matter to someone who wants the absolute top quality achievable for the show though so I'm mentioning it.

The shows being...
Works fine!
This set works just fine on our BluRay player. Sound and picture quality are good and the packaging is just fine. The only issue we've had is the difficult-to-read highlighted menu options. Thank you to the reviewer who mentioned that it was hard to distinguish the change from blue to black. Once we read that, it became apparent which was highlighted.

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