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Movie Title : Terminal Justice - Best Download
Category: Action & Adventure
Production of: PLATINUM DISC LLC
Movie View: Watch Streaming
Movie Rating : 4.0
Total Review : 8

Movie Description:

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Buyer Review of Terminal Justice:

Why spend the money
I bought this because sadly I do enjoy Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade. I had no expectations for this movie but if you have netflix, blockbuster or something rent it. This has to be close to one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Definately an hour and half I'll never get back

Don't miss this FANTASTIC sci-fi/action movie!
Don't miss this fantastic sci-fi/action movie from 1995! The story is set in the (then) near-future year 2008 and stars Lorenzo Lamas ("Renegade", "The Immortal"), Kari Wuhrer ("Sliders"), Chris Sarandon ("Fright Night"), and Peter Coyote ("Time Rider", "The 4400"). Since Amazon.com has neglected to provide a plot summary, I'll quote from the back of the DVD case: "Action megastar Lorenzo Lamas battles the brains behind a criminal Virtual Reality (VR) empire in this suspense-packed, sci-fi adventure. The year: 2008. Virtual sex and drugs have replaced real experiences--while dramatically increasing crime. Enter metro vice cop Bobby Chase (Lorenzo Lamas), a Russian Cartel War vet. Aided by high-tech optic implants--replacing the eyes he lost in battle--Chase has vowed to bring VR crime master Reginald Matthews (Chris Sarandon) to justice. Moonlighting as bodyguard to gorgeous virtual sex goddess Pamela Travis (Kari Wuhrer), Chase learns of Matthews' plans to manufacture female...
lamas underrated actor .
i been a fan of martial arts movies for a long time and lorenzo lamas in my book is very underated when it comes to martial arts movies ..

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