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"Nobody's doin' nothin' to nobody. It's all just happenin', see?"
STATE OF GRACE was shot on-location in NYC. It's based in part on a real gang called the Westies. Ennio Morricone wrote the score, Dennis McIntyre scripted and Phil Joanou was director. Despite critical acclaim, the film did poorly in first run, not even earning $2 million. It is however well worth seeing.

An outstanding cast and a script that includes incidents adapted from actual mobster courtroom testimony highlight this neo-noir about a Hell's Kitchen returnee (Penn) who's now a cop charged with infiltrating the Irish gang run by his best friend's older brother (Harris). Oldman is exceptional as the hard-drinking psycho buddy, yet Penn's "tortured soul" performance as traitor to his friends is the heart of the story. A bloody slow-speed shootout caps this memorable gangster movie.

LANGUAGE ALERT: The F-wórd and its numerous permutations are used over 200 times here.

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