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Movie Title : Starhunter 2300: The Complete Series - Best Download
Category: TV
Production of: Image Entertainment
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Movie Rating : 3.8
Total Review : 48

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In the 23rd century, humanity has spread to the stars and planets in Earth's solar system. Civilization is a patchwork of a hundred worlds, most with weak governments and weaker laws. It is a golden age for criminals who exploit this lawlessness and use the incredible technology of the future to prey on others. A former luxury space liner, the Tulip, is now a bounty-hunting vessel commanded by Travis Montana (Sunset Beach's Clive Robertson) who searches the galaxy in search of his father. He's joined on his quest by comic hunter Rudolpho, plucky Percy, holographic first mate Carvaggio, sexy special services officer Callista and bad boy Marcus. Now the fight for justice is set among the stars? and the showdown is about to begin. Perfect for Fans of New Sci-Fi TV Favorites Farscape, Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5! Episodes include: Rebirth, Star Crossed, Biocrime, Chasing Janus, Spaceman, Becoming Shiva, The Third Thing, Torment, Painless, Skin Deep, Supermax Redux, Pandora's Box, Stitch in Time, The Prisoner, Kate, Rivals, Heir and the Spare, Just Politics, Negative Energy, License to Fill, Hyperspace I & II.

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Buyer Review of Starhunter 2300: The Complete Series:

charming and fun
I discovered Starhunter season one recently on DVD and was very intrigued by it. The show was entertaining although the DVDs weren't the best. It's too bad the episodes are mixed up on the DVDs! Also only a few episodes of season one are available on DVD. Why not put them all out and in the right order? The series is fun though.

Season one prompted me to try Starhunter 2300. Nice package! All of the episodes are included and in order. Wonderful image and sound. Fun episodes! Great show! Can we get a sequel? Maybe a direct to DVD "Serenity"? A follow-up that unites father and son while introducing new fans to the previous two series? How about re-releasing season one in the same type of quality DVD package as season two?

The StiffUpperLips make good sci-fi. Thanks blokes*
I thought the only sci-fi that would ever come out of the British Empire would be a spoof-show riddled with toilet humor.

But I did enjoy this whole series. Especially towards the end, however as the other reviewer stated, production does lack a little, but the stories make up for it in spades (along with the SCRUMPTIOUS Tanya Allen, she is so friggin cute).

Basically it's like watching a slightly less interesting Firefly with British accents. If you like Crusade, Firefly, B5 etc. this is a good addition to that genre drawer (fellow DVD compulsives). Any sci-fi fan would appreciate these stories on some level.

Maybe not compelling, but pretty engaging atmospheric sci-fi
Having caught a few episodes of both the original Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 on grainy low power UHF, I kind of knew what to expect; still, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this Starhunter 2300 set. The original season of Starhunter was strictly "B" level material; Starhunter 2300 is, just as others have pointed out, much much better. Its not top level, this is definitely not Farscape or B5, but it is a really solid production that has a flavor all its own.

I thought there were a few things that made this series work well. Its universe is interesting; its dark, gritty, and atmospheric, but not hopeless. The interplay if the various planetary federations and factions provides enough scope that the setting of the solar system (well, mostly the solar system) doesn't feel confining. The cast is quite likeable. The performances may be on the low key side, but I thought they fit the milieu pretty well, for the most part. Strangely enough, Percy Montana who...

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