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Top Review of Richard Dawkins with Brian Greene:

Richard Dawkins is Amazing!
Having followed Richard Dawkins published works for many years. Ia'm very attuned to the kinds of ideas that he posses in interviews such as with Brian Greene. I hope that anyone interested in secularism pay much attention to the future published articles that include Dawkin's and Greene's Ideas!

This was interesting, kept my attention and was thought provoking, the only thing I didn't like was Brian Greene's repeatedly inserting the issue of God into the discussion, once was enough, I think Richard Dawkins had more interesting ideas and thoughts to impart than having the discussion repeatedly brought back to the issue of if there is or if there isn't a God, leave that to the documentaries that advertise that is the topic of discussion. Also, I was lead to believe that the documentary was going to be about the selfish gene, this was barely mentioned.

It's Dawkins
If one does not like Dawkins then one should not watch this. On the other hand, the low reviews below seem to be from people who had their religious or other superstitions called to task.

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