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Movie Title : Psycho Beach Party [Blu-ray] - Best Download
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Production of: Strand Releasing
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Movie Rating : 4.1
Total Review : 87

Movie Description:

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PSYCHO BEACH PARTY is a wickedly fun satire of Hollywood movie genres. Chicklet (Lauren Ambrose - CAN'T HARDLY WAIT, HBO's SIX FEET UNDER), a wannabe surf-girl with a split personality, becomes the primary suspect after a string of humorously gruesome murders terrifies the teen set. When the clues take her to the beach, the fun and suspense begin.
At the beach, Chicklet crosses paths with burnt-out surf guru Kanaka (Thomas Gibson, CRIMINAL MINDS, DHARMA & GREG), dreamy surfboy Starcat (Nicholas Brendon, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), and stylish homicide detective Monica Stark (Charles Busch, DIE MOMMIE DIE!). PSYCHO BEACH PARTY also stars Amy Adams (AMERICAN HUSTLE, BIG EYES), Matt Keeslar (SCREAM 3), Beth Broderick (SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH), Kimberly Davies (THE NEXT BEST THING) and Kathleen Robertson (BEVERLY HILLS, 90210).

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Top Review of Psycho Beach Party [Blu-ray]:

Twisted, silly, and clever
This is a good one for when you are in one of THOSE moods. The plot is cheesy serial killer whodunnit mixed with b-movie melodrama and the results are really funny. Lauren Ambrose is a riot as the outsider beachy Gidget character - with multiple personalities no less. The voices she does combined with the over-the-top dialogue make her "crazy" scenes those stop-and-go-back moments becaue you don't want to miss a line. Charles Busch is a hoot as the "female" detective with a past and the other supporting actors/characters round out the insanity. Good, silly fun. Enjoy!

Charles Busch is a genius
First of all, anyone who comes up with the movie title "Sex Kittens Go Bossa Nova" deserves some sort of award or national holiday in their honor for that alone. I was sold on this movie way before the incredibly cool opening credits rolled. Actually, I was sold when we saw the trailer for it in the theater, and almost instantly said, "we're there".
There's about a dozen different elements to this fun flick that would have made me see it if only one of them had been present. First, I've seen almost every 60's Beach Party movie (though I'm sure Charles Busch has most people beat on the number of times they were watched) and this is not only a hilarious parody, but the 60's detail down to the costumes, sets, make-up, and hair is so dead-on I wouldn't have been surprised to see Donna Loren or Deborah Walley show up. Check out the cover and poster art if you want to see how perfect it is. The soundtrack is really, really great, some of the best surf music that...
It's the 1960's All Over Again
When "Psycho Beach Party" debuted off Broadway in 1987, half the fun was watching sometime drag actor Charles Busch play the part of a psycho surfer girl as if he was Joan Crawford, Annette Funicello and Sandra Dee all rolled into one. That plus the actor/playwright's keen and perverse observations of beatniks, alternate sexual lifestyles and Hollwood B-movies kept you howling madly for nearly two hours. On film, most of the original story remains intact. It's fun but the off-Broadway show was better. Florence/Chicklet, the mad surfer beach girl, still suffers from multiple split personalities. Bettina, the queen of the B-horror movies, longs for something greater. And surfer hunks Yo-Yo and Provoloney finally admit their undying love for one another. The biggest difference between the play and the movie is that Busch no longer plays Florence/Chicklett. The part is played by Lauren Ambrose, a dead ringer for "Gidget." Busch does show up as Captain Mona Stark, a...

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