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Top Review of Pipe Dream:

Cute, efficient, and sometimes charming
Pipe Dream is yet another in the endless genre of films about making films but it's slightly different in that the bombast of moviemaking is downplayed and the relationships between the characters is highlighted. The basic plot is that of a plumber who masquerades as a film director in order to meet women, and in doing so finds himself in a position to direct an actual film. It's got a cute feel to it, mainly because Martin Donovan as the plumber as this mild goofball charm and Mary-Louise Parker, who is usually good in everything she does, brings her usual wry sense of humor to her role as the writer and real brains behind the project. Rebecca Gayheart is mostly eye candy but she does have some very funny scenes as an actress who may be in over her head.
It's a romantic comedy that teeters on sappiness but it never quite falls into that abyss, mostly because Donovan and Parker have a definite chemistry that elevates their characters into a realm where you genuinely care about...
The Social Psychology Of Attribution
Having never heard of it, I purchased a cable television viewing of Pipe Dream in the hope that its splendid cast would generate sufficient friction to hold my interest for an hour and one-half on a quiet Sunday evening. I was particularly intrigued at the prospect of watching Martin Donovan and Mary-Louise Parker, two exceptionally talented actors, work together in the context of a romantic comedy. I am happy to report that not only was I completely engrossed by this delightful ensemble piece, I had that all too rare experience of wishing it would never end! The story starts off a bit slowly as we encounter David K. (Donovan) toiling away unglamorously as a lowly plumber in New York City. Although he is obviously a well-trained and highly skilled tradesman, he feels under-appreciated as a man since woman seem to disregard him automatically given his workaday status and frequently soiled appearance. In fact, many of his clients hardly even look at him having prejudged his value solely...
Finally, An Intelligent Romantic Comedy
There's a large majority in the world, at least in the Western Hemisphere that lives by the canon of "Perception is Everything". They prescribe and are overly dependant that immediate perception is the only mode that human beings acquire all information to process, interpret, judge and hence, "understand" and "see" others in the world. In other words, perception equals "reality". If one sees a banker, a car mechanic and a teacher, an immediate profile (or at the very least, a level of respectability and even desirability) can be assessed on each. Without delving (thankfully) in the complexities of Jungian theory, this low budget independent film by John Walsh explores with satire and insight, how widespread, yet fragile and ultimately false this belief is. There is a lot more than meets the eye and much humor in this human frailty.
The premise of the film is that of a plumber, David Kulovic (Martin Donovan) who cannot seem to score more than a one-nighter because "he's just a...

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