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Movie Title : Kidnapper (English Subtitled) - Best Download
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Movie Rating : 4.2
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Top Review of Kidnapper (English Subtitled):

Only the best says Britt
This film is a down-to-earth riveting suspense thriller. I had to watch every minute of it. The plot was well-written and deserves critical acclaim.

What a great watch...
Here's the scoop - it's awesome. I love Asian movies (of all genres) and this was a great Thriller. I don't include spoilers in my reviews... But I will say that it's got a little taste of 'I Saw the Devil' in it. Which... if you've seen that movie (which is totally amazing), I hope you invest in watching this.
I will say this... the movie sort of starts with a 36 hour deadline. But the movie isn't compiled of those 36 hours, which I found to be a total bonus. Hey, it's my opinion - people may or may not like this. I thought it was great. I was definitely 'eyes glued to the tv' until the end (and I'm usually pretty good about predicting things). I'll probably end up buying this.
If you love foreign film, I say watch it. I know some people will probably give not so great reviews (it's just inevitable). I give it 4 stars because it was a surprisingly good movie (considering I'm the first to review it). I hope that my review encourages others to watch. Considering it was a...
This was a fine movie. The English subtitle font was a little tough to read at times. Filmed in Singapore, and has a more multicultural flavor than a mainland China film. Was able to stay in the story despite the fact that Singapore is probably the last place on earth where a kidnapper would ply his trade.

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