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Movie Title : Homicide Life on the Street - The Complete Season 3 - Fast Download
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Ned Beatty, Yaphet Kotto, Richard Belzer. The critically acclaimed crime drama that consistently delivered hard-hitting, no-nonsense storytelling during its entire 20-episode third season. Also includes five interviews, six commentaries and more. Produced by Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana. 6 DVDs. 1994/color/18 hrs/NR/fullscreen.If the first two seasons introduced one of the great television crime dramas, Homicide really came into its own during the third. Instead of the mere 13 episodes scattered between 1993 and 1994, NBC ordered up a full 20 for the 1994-1995 season. The entire terrific cast is back, with the exception of Jon Polito, whose absence is explained in the fourth episode ("Crosetti"). There are other changes, like the addition of Megan Russert (Isabella Hofmann) as shift commander. Aside from the fact that the mostly male staff now has a woman to report to (alongside Yaphet Kotto's Lt. Giardello), it turns out that Russert has a "history" with one of the detectives. Homicide always excelled in its exploration of racial and office politics; now sexual politics would become a bigger issue. Religion also comes to the fore as Pembleton (Andre Braugher) is finally forced to confront the loss of his faith while working on a case ("The White Glove Murders") involving several aid workers (episodes 1-3). Meanwhile, his partner, Bayliss (Kyle Secor), is coming to resemble the naive young rookie of the first two seasons less and less by the second... while getting to enjoy a little more romance than the rest of the squad--especially the hapless Meldrick (Clark Johnson). But all is not sturm and drang. Humor still finds a place in each episode and Munch (Richard Belzer) still gets many of the best lines. In the season premiere ("Nearer My God to Thee"), for instance, he tells Bolander (Ned Beatty), "There is no such thing as gratuitous sex. Gratuitous violence, yes... Sex cannot and will not ever be gratuitous." He could be describing Homicide itself, in which nothing is ever gratuitous, especially the sudden loss of human life, which is never--and should never be--treated lightly. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Features :
  • Created by Barry Levinson (Diner, Tin Men), and Tom Fontana (St. Elsewhere, OZ), Homicide: Life On The Street defied the staid conventions of the typical police show, forgoing sensationalized violence and overwrought melodrama in favor of a gripping, unflinching focus on the day-to-day work of solving cases. Powered by deft writing and an extraordinary ensemble cast highlighted by Yaphet Kotto

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Buyer Review of Homicide Life on the Street - The Complete Season 3:

Learn more about this oft-overlooked gem of a series
The police drama has always depended on the solve-the-story-in-a-hour formula. With the rise of CSI and Law & Order, the characters have faded even more in favor of the plot. Cable series, such as The Shield and The Wire, try to fill that void by rubbing our face in the seedy underbelly of the cop world. During the nineties, though, Homicide: Life on the Street struck a balance between the law enforcement process and the human aftermath of vicious crimes. Rarely were cops dirty; instead the detectives lived full lives within their little universe, struggling daily against rage and sorrow and apathy. This series includes some of the greatest TV ever made.
The show is set in Baltimore, during a time when herion and drug gangs hit the city hard. Unsolved murders and stray bullets hitting children are common. Sometimes, the detectives get the murderer. Just as often, they don't, or they find him but don't have enough to charge the guy. Intense interrogation sessions in "the...
Homicide, The Best Gets Better
The first two seasons of Homicide were great television. The third season surpassed the first two and cemented this police drama as one of the best ever on network television. Although NBC buried it in the Friday night graveyard and ratings were always low, we were still given superior writing, acting and production quality on a consistent basis. This dvd set contains a season of the same character-driven stories that makes Homicide what it is, but the plotting became a bit more tightly woven as compared to the previous seasons. The show starts out with the addition of LT. Megan Russert (Isabella Hofmann) as a new shift commander who must deal with a series of murders after only a week on the job. The White Glove Murders would be the first of two three-part stories during the season. They would also test Frank Pembleton's faith in God and humanity; a theme that would recur throughout the rest of his time on the series. We're treated to some touching and heartbreaking moments as...
Ho-Ho-Ho Homicide
A full season of "Homicide" must have seemed strange in the fall of 1994. In the previous 18 months, NBC aired just 13 episodes of the show, in what seemed to be 13 different time slots. Oddly enough, even though I lived in Baltimore at the time, I didn't watch a single moment of the series -- I didn't come to it until years later, when nearly half the original cast was gone, and when I had long since forsaken Charm City for the American gothic of Toledo, Ohio.
It's an absolute treasure having this show on DVD now, available at my beck and call. While the Seasons 1/2 box set did not last very long, I worked my way methodically through the 20 episodes of Season 3. What was so important about my senior year of college that I was not watching this show on Friday nights?
The producers put their agenda right on the table in the season premiere. "Homicide" in its earlier episodes established itself as the cop show with no gunfights and no car chases. The...

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