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Movie Title : Give A Girl A Break - Fast Download
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Production of: Warner Bros.
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Movie Rating : 4.3
Total Review : 19

Movie Description:

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When a temperamental star walks out of a big Broadway show, it's time to Give a Girl a Break. But which of the hopefuls will land the lead? Suzy (Debbie Reynolds) brings pizzazz. Joanna (Helen Wood) offers swellegant sophistication. And lovely Madelyn (Marge Champion) is the director's former dance partner and former love. This breezy backstager is memorable for its Burton Lane-Ira Gershwin score and for the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration of three legendary musical-world directors: Stanley Donen (Singin' in
the Rain) behind the camera and Gower Champion and Bob Fosse (future directors of, respectively, Broadway's Hello, Dolly and Chicago) bringing dazzling dance grace and physicality to the other side of the lens.

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Buyer Review of Give A Girl A Break:

Definitely worthwhile
While this film does not stand up to many classic movie musicals, it is a definite must for anyone with a fondness for Debbie Reynolds or Bob Fosse. Absolutely worth owning.

really brialliant dance numbers!
i think this film, Give a Girl a Break," is very good, and the choreography alone in it, makes it well worth watching. Debbie Reynolds does some lovely dance numbers. Also Marge and Gower Champion really shine in this film and in my opinion do some of their best dance numbers in it. It doesn't have the most interesting plot, bt is worth it for the song and dance. I think any fan of 50's musicals would enjoy it. It's colorful and a fun film to watch. I have to nore, the costumes are first rate, some of the lovliest I've seen in musicals.

Stanley Donen's fine follow up to "Singin in the Rain".
"Give a Girl a Break" was Stanley Donen's first film after "Singin in the Rain." It features a rare opprotunity to see director Bob Fosse dance on film. His numbers with Debbie Reynolds are the highlights of the film.

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