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Top Review of Failan (English Subtitled):

A Must See.
All around an incredibly great movie. It does start off kind of odd and you don't really know what's going on until about thirty minutes into this movie. Failan goes through a lot in this movie and she's just very thankful to Kang Jae for marrying her. The ending is actually pretty incredible. I feel so sorry for failan though it's just so sad when ever I think of her.

Sleeper that may put you to sleep
Are Asian gangsters all such clowns? That seems to be a staple of the genre whether portrayed by Asian or American cinema. Not sure I'd count on that. I saw two Korean teens in Greenwich Village kick some menacing black teens in the face (!!), including a girl, who were swarming and taunting them. Bet that alters the racial equation.

Aside from the keystone cops aspect, decent story for a couple ten minute patches though frustratingly devoid of contact between the leads. I gave up three different times. Count on a breathtaking woman to add dimension to a film. Spent two hours on this turkey, not sure why.

Cecilia Chueng is on the super hot / super beautiful axis. Okay, that's why. Plus she sings. If you can find that coming out of China, ground zero for materialism - date a Beijing ex-pat and see - jump on it. I did,

Kind of Beautiful, Super Depressing Gangster Film
The most depressing gangster movie ever. It's called Failan, and despite the synopsis, it is not really about a Chinese girl who moves to Korea. It's mostly about a low level gangster who has nothing to live for, and who makes money by marrying this girl who also has nothing to live for so the mob can sell her for labor. And then he falls in love with the idea of her after she's already died from a mysterious disease (I think coughing up blood is the #1 cause of death in Korean dramas). Lots of requisite K-rage and melodramatic flashbacks, but the atmosphere this movie creates from the background in the scenes is remarkable. And there's some pretty good camerawork too. I studied film in college, so I learned to appreciate these kinds of things.

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