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Top Review of Christmas Child:

A heart warming story
I saw this video surfing through Amazon, and decided to buy it. I am a big fan of Christmas in general and especially the movies. I read other reviews about Jack being a jerk and this a dull movie. I thought completly otherwise. For someone who has ever lost a family member would know what this character is feeling. He is having a difficult time dealing with the passing of his adopted father. He seeks answers from his home town. He is a typical man that does not want to speak about his feelings with his wife and is why he kind of closes off to her. Both my two children are adopted and I often wonder if they will have the same feelings as Jack did. I knew he would eventually seek the comfort from his wife, but it was in his time to do so. The ending was very emotional for me when he finally finds some answers and I was very touched by the ending. I really enjoyed this movie and was glad I purchased it and would definately watch it again. The other characters in the movie...
Heartwarming Christmas Story
Just in time for the holidays, Christmas Child is a return to those heartwarming Christmas movies that we grew up loving. William Moses plays journalist Jack Davenport and Megan Fellows portrays his wife Meg. The movie takes us through their marriage struggles during the holidays as Jack seeks to find his roots after the death of his father. Both actors come across as genuine and engaging. Steven Curtis Chapman is surprsingly good in his role as Pastor Curtis. Although shot in Oklahoma, a timely snow in Tulsa makes for a convincing portrayal of the Chicago scenes.

With the recent onslaught of zany Christmas comedies and off-the-wall perspectives on the holiday, Christmas Child provides a more traditional and yet entertaining Christmas story. Best of all, this a movie you can watch with the kids without having to hit the mute button or explain adult humor. A movie that all ages should enjoy.

retracing the past for a meaninful future
An updating of Max Lucado's book "A Christmas Cross", this film is about a successful Chicago journalist, whose marriage is at a breaking point as he is about to celebrate both his 40th birthday and Christmas; he is sent away during the Holidays to Texas for a story, and there reflects on his life and its meaning.
There is a lot in this film about adopted children, and the parents who take them into their hearts.
The film has some nice music as well, and the Christmas show is laugh-out-loud hilarious, with children that will capture your heart.

William Moses is convincing as Jack Davenport, Megan Fellows plays his wife Meg, who feels shut out of his life, and singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman plays Pastor Curtis, who reaches out to Jack with warmth and Christian love; Vicky Taylor Smith (Naomi) and Muse Watson (Jimmy) are among the excellent supporting cast.
A small and unpretentious film that was shot mostly in Oklahoma in 3 weeks, its simplicity is...

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