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Volume 2 of a celebration of the pioneering solo cartoon work of Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney's foremost animator/collaborator in the formative early years. The first fully animated color cartoon version of "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" (1934)...the legendary Flip the Frog in the slapstick masterpiece "The New Car" (1931)...the original cartoon adaptation of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Headless Horseman" (1934)...the little-known animation star Willie Whopper in the surrealistic sci-fi classic "Stratos Fear" (1933)...and a famous "lost" film, a full-color cartoonization of "Don Quixote" (1934). These are just a few of the 58 cartoons captured on these two DVDs (available separately) of rediscovered masterworks from the very beginnings of the Golden Age of American Animation.Ub Iwerks was one of the greatest animators of the silent and early sound eras: he animated "Steamboat Willie" and other early Disney shorts virtually by himself. But the films he produced at his own studio after breaking with Walt Disney in 1930 lack the vitality of his earlier work. During the '30s, the animators with Disney, the Fleischers, Warner Bros., and MGM developed a new style of cartoon humor that centered on characters with strong, recognizable personalities. Iwerks's first recurring character, Flip the Frog, who appears in more than half the cartoons in this collection, never developed into a wholesome good guy or a sarcastic antihero. He remained an observer, rather than someone who initiated the action, as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny did. The rambling plots further weaken these films. Flip stumbles into a haunted house in "Spooks" (1932), but the artists can't decide if they're trying to be funny or scary, and the film falls between two chairs. The garish colors and bizarre designs in "Balloon Land" (1935) have a camp appeal, but the inflatable hero and heroine and the spiny villain simply aren't very interesting. Iwerks's cartoons unfortunately remain less than the sum of their parts, but this disc (in unison with Vol. 1) offers an interesting historical perspective on the development of popular animation. --Charles Solomon

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Buyer Review of Cartoons That Time Forgot - The Ub Iwerks Collection, Vol. 2:

Historical collection, and quite interesting.
Many of the other commentators of Volume 1 and Volume 2 have very nicely described the contents of these two collections. I'd like to just say that I found these cartoons to be very essential for anyone interested in the history of animation.

Flip the Frog comes across as another Mickey Mouse, Willie Whopper is somewhat interesting, while the Comicolor series is somewhat similar to Silly Symphonies. I'm not surprised at this since Ub worked at Disney, and is responsible for the early animation of Mickey Mouse and several Silly Symphonies.

I found the liner notes helpful in explaining the social context of these cartoons. Many are poking fun at the Hollywood stars of the day (Disney and Warner also have several of their own similar cartoons), others have relevant commentary about various conditions in our country at the time, and others are just interesting trips into the supernatural. Keep in mind that all these things have been pursued by Disney, Warner...
Volume 2 contents
26 cartoons fill up this volume for 190 minutes worth of cartoon nostalgia. Some of the humor isn't "politically correct", and some of it is a bit ribald, but the cartoons are for the most part entertaining. All but five of the cartoons star the character of "Flip the Frog", a character best taken in small doses (in watching all the cartoons at once, the humor wears a bit thin.) All the Flip cartoons are in black and white, as is one of the Willie Whopper cartoons. The remaining four cartoons are in color, three of which stand alone. The fourth was apparently released at different times under "Famous Fairytales" (as on this disc) and "Willie Whopper" labels.

Here is a list of the disc's contents:

1) Flip the Frog / The Nurse Maid (1932)

2) Flip the Frog / Room Runners (1932)

3) Flip the Frog / The Office Boy (1932)

4) Flip the Frog / The Milkman (1932)

5) Flip the Frog / The New Car (1931)

6) Flip the Frog /...
Cartoon Heaven
If you are someone like myself who thinks that the greatest cartoons are from the 30's and 40's, then this dvd is for you. If you love cartoons from this era, then you'll understand what makes this dvd so special---the great animation, jazzy background music, vintage sound effects, voice characterizations, rich black and white, or color. It's all here. The thing that's great about these old cartoons is the fact that there is movement--constantly. I can't even believe some people my age (i'm 32) condemn these cartoons as being 'old' and would prefer the limited animation techniques of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons we grew up with on Saturday morning television. The Flip the Frog cartoons are the biggest surprise and are reminiscent of early Fleischer Betty Boop or Popeye cartoons in their overall tone. The dvd transfer is generally excellent, although there are some cartoons which use older prints as a source. However, they do not detract from enjoying this disc . Since there is a...

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