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Annabelle will allow your imagination to run wild.
Overview: Mia loves dolls and has been stressed while expecting the birth of her and husband John's child. Her husband decides to cheer his wife up by buying her a unique doll named Annabelle to add to her beautiful doll collection. Annabelle however is possessed by a demon and decides that she is going to cause some spooky things to happen to the new owners soon after she is taken out of the box. Will Mia and John survive long enough to get rid of Annabelle or will they loose their soul to a possessed doll that wants more then most dolls do?

Spook Meter: 4/5 This film relies a bit much on loud sounds to suddenly scare and make the viewer jump. Personally I find those kind of scares only work on non seasoned horror film watchers or younger crowds and do little to make most horror fans get goosebumps. As an seasoned horror film fan myself an having watched tons of horror films over the years, you may wonder why I give this film 4/5 on my spook meter. For me it boils...
Annabelle (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack)


Movie Category: Movies
Production of: New Line Home Video
Movie Rating : 3.5

Features :
  • Factory sealed DVD

Top Buyer Review of Annabelle (2014) (HD/Blu-ray/Combo/DVD/UltraViolet):

A perfect companion to The Conjuring
When James Wan came out with "The Conjuring" and then "Insidious" i thought a new sub-genre of horror has been created. That of substance over "cut-screen" scare shots or the Splatterfest, "Gore- or" movies that were so popular in the last few years. WHen i read, James Wan was NOT directing i got admittedly nervous, but John Leonetti not only maintains Wan's level of excellence, imo he surpasses it in many respects. Approaching the tension with a slow build rather than a "haunted house" jump scene, was so effective, that during one of the many "Collective Scream scenes" where the entire theater jump- started, yelled or both, one girl sitting 3 rows in front of me, just got up out of her chair and sprinted out the exit door (not sure what she was running to, but i'm almost positive what she was running from).

Anyway, i fully expect there to be reviews from the "too cool", arm chair adrenaline junkies who claim to be...
Don't listen to the critics. Judge for yourself.
This was one of the best scary movies I've seen in a long time. As a kid, I couldn't even make it through most scary movies. As an adult, I don't scare easy. I watch movies that are supposed to be scary like Insidious and Sinister and never get scared. My expectations were low going in. I thought this would be another two star doll movie. I even said to my date that they should have stopped making doll movies after Childs's Play. Boy was i wrong. Annabelle had me jumping out of my skin. Even the scenes that weren't scary had a creepy feel that just made me feel uncomfortable. I have no idea why critics are so hard on this movie. They are over analyzing in my opinion. My fifteen year old cousin saw it and has been sleeping in the bed with her younger brother since. You may watch it and feel like you have seen some of the elements from this movie in other classic horror films. One seen reminded me of Poltergeist. A bit of Child's Play. A bit of Omen. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...
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